Why JTI?


  • Approved to ISO9001:2008
  • Approved by Bosch Germany to VDA6.3
  • Achieved STS status with Central European OEM for parts manufactured in Eastern Europe
  • Inspection house for rubber seals for F1 autos
  • Inspection house for various worldwide suppliers to local manufacturing companies
  • Over 25 years manufacturing experience in high quality standard production companies
  • Extensive knowledge of the stringent quality requirements requested by OEM’s and their suppliers
  • Detailed Quality Management System
  • Highly trained workforce
  • Regular and frequent retraining programmes for all employees
  • Adequate area for immediate expansion by 500 m2
  • Malta is ideally located between Asia and Central Europe and North Africa and Central Europe
  • Malta forms part of the European Union and of the Euro Zone
  • JTI offers very cost effective services in Europe

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